First Look Wedding Photos at the Oceano Hotel in Half Moon Bay, Ca.

The sun has started to set a little earlier, there’s a crispness in the air that carries that amazing dusty scent of autumn leaves; and pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage.

Fall is here, and 1st looks start to become the way to go.

Oceano Hotel Half-moon Bay Wedding

When it comes to photography, it’s all about lighting!

The best lighting is always about 30min to an hour before the time when the sun completely melts into the horizon. It’s perfect, golden, and never too harsh, making it the optimal time to take all those beautiful and romantic wedding photos.

During this time (sunset) you want to be taking advantage of that amazing light, not stuck in a church trying to run through formal family photos, or squeeze in all the wedding party group photos.







Solution: Schedule a 1st look, so you can savor sunset, and get those epic wedding photos you’ve been dreaming about since forever!







Here are some things to consider before deciding if a first look is right for you.

1. What time is your ceremony, and is it within an hour of sunset? Or, are you just on a tight schedule?

  • If the answer is yes, you may want to seriously consider a 1st look!

2. Do you want to see your future husband/wife before the ceremony?

Some pros:

  • Seeing each other before the big moment can reduce your stress level
  • You can get some pretty amazing photos.
  • By getting a lot of photos done ahead of time, you can get announced to your reception sooner, and or have extra time for those extended family/wedding party photos.
  • You get to have a moment to just the two of you.

Some cons:

  • They can feel awkward, especially if your entire family and wedding party are staring you down the entire time.
  • You may have to wake up earlier
  • Depending on the coverage you have with your photographer, doing an early 1st look can cut into your reception events, and party photos (scheduling is everything).

Just Remember, it’s your day, and your choice:

If you do decide to have a first look; know that no matter what, the feeling you get when you see your other half at the opposite end of the isle will be something of its own. Regardless, if you just saw them five seconds ago, or 24 hours ago, the feeling and reality of meeting at the end of isle for your wedding will forever be instilled in your hearts.

Here’s a little peek into Alex & Alex’s wedding in Half-moon Bay.


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