The Majestic Yosemite Hotel : Anneka & JP’s Wedding

Have you ever wondered how couples get those “epic” Yosemite wedding photos (besides having awesome photographers)?


I mean how do they fit all that travel into their wedding day, right?

While there are no fairy godmother, or time freezing wizards, we simply schedule a day after shoot, sometimes a day after tomorrow shoot if you know you’ll be partying all night.

Scheduling a day after session has a lot of perks! Besides getting amazing photos, you lower the stress levels by not having to worry about fitting all of your photos into a tight window, you get to have a more intimate session and not have all of your guests spying on you while you’re trying to be romantic, and you get two opportunities for sunset!


JP and Anneka got married at the Majestic Yosemite hotel on a Saturday this past August, and being the woodsy nature enthusiasts they are wanted to explore the valley and a few other monumental sites while they were in northern California. And what better than to see the sites and get some unforgettably awesome wedding photos along the way!

Here’s a glimpse into their beautiful love story.

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