Thank’s for visiting us!

Scott and Sara would like to thank everyone that stopped by their booth today at the Premier Bride wedding show! ** Thanks You!! **

If you didn’t make an appointment at the show today be sure to text, call or email them soon to take advantage of the show discount! *** 10% off ANY packages for the next 10 days ***
phone/text: 559-284-9003 email:


Here are some of the cards you may have seen at the booth, which one(s) was your favorite?




ryan repcard82012-13 repcard82012-12 repcard82012-11 repcard82012-9 repcard82012-8 repcard82012-7 repcard82012-6 repcard82012-5 repcard82012-4 repcard82012-3 repcard82012-2 repcard82012-1 rc md3 md2 matt4 matt3 matt2 km3 km2 km1 km cw4 bs1 bs ap2 ap amy2 amy alexia3 aj3 aj2 aj1 aj aj-2 ag2 ag 33 29 26 25 21 12 (2) 6 (2) 2 2 (2)


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