It’s that time again… Wedding Show Time!

When you first start on the road to wedding planning it can feel a little bit like a minefield so in this post Sara + Scott want to share some helpful tips in a key area to make it a little less daunting while you peruse the bridal show isles.

When talking to vendors it really is crucial that in addition to liking their portfolio of work, you also like them on a personal level. More than anything, you need to have a team around you who you can trust on your wedding day.

Vendors fall into two main groups:

  1. Those that you will mainly be interacting with in the lead-up to the day, for example your stationer, who you may be happy interacting with just via phone and email.
  2.  Those that you will be spending sometime with before your wedding, and A LOT of time with on the actual day, such as your photographer.

The main goal when choosing your vendors is to follow your instincts, especially with photographers since you’re going to be around them for a big chunk of time no matter how “fly on the wall” they claim to be.  With that being said, meeting vendors at bridal shows is generally pretty rushed and crowded  so don’t be shy! Ask to make an appointment so you can get to know your vendors in a less hectic atmosphere and make sure everyone is on the same page.

When you meet with your vendors, imagine spending time with them, and ask yourself, do you think your personalities might clash, especially under constraints of time and pressure? Of course you want to look back at fabulous flowers and stunning photographs, but if your overriding memory is of a awful vendor that made you feel uncomfortable or stressed then Sara + Scott would say steer clear and come see them! Sara + Scott are pretty awesome!! 😉


That’s it for this tip… stay tuned for more incredible photos, and insightful tips.

*** Sara + Scott have a booth at today’s Premier Bride show (08.18.2013) next to Wolf Lakes (one of their favorite venues) and would LOVE to talk to you! Make sure to stop by and say “HELLO!” or set up and appointment to chat with them one on one in their studio located in the premier bride wedding center. Also don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and like them too!



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