Wedding | Ashley + David = <3

Love is not measured in flowers and lights; in large buildings or fine meals. There are some events which are all about the scenery and the spectacle and the show, and we’ve all seen it before. The lights and the music and colors busy the eyes, but there is something hollow feeling when an occasion is more about distraction than anything else.

And then there are those events where love and community are the center attractions. A perfect example of this was the wedding of Ashley and David, who let their desire for each other and warmth for their loved ones be the centerpiece of the day. The connection was felt throughout the ceremony and into the reception, where the couple made the day less about the ritual and more about community with the people they love the most. The affection was clear and passionate from start to finish, proving that love is not measured in pomp and show. Love, instead, is measured in the moments we share with one another. Ashley and David understood, and in expressing this for one day have established a pattern of love and community for a lifetime.



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